Welcome to eye-robot. This site explains the eye-robot research project.

Project Aims

The central purpose of this project is to set up a collaboration that will use robots to apply and evaluate novel, biologically inspired, algorithms for adaptive control. The collaborating groups have expertise in electrophysiology (Edinburgh), modelling/control (Sheffield) and robotics (Bristol). These diverse skills will be applied to a specific problem, namely gaze/camera stabilisation in response to platform disturbance. The project will seek to exploit the discovery that the biological control system for gaze stabilisation utilises distributed plasticity in its controlling network. Characterising the computational features of this repeating biological microcircuit will pave the way for application of biologically-inspired algorithms to a wide range of control problems in robot movement.

Electronically actuated robot eye mechanism and driver boards
Fig. The electronically actuated eye-robot.

A collaborative project by the Department of Psychology (University of Sheffield), Bristol Robotics Laboratory (University of the West of England/University of Bristol) and the Neural Control Systems Group - Centre for Integrative Physiology (University of Edinburgh).